Doxylamine 20mg +Pyridoxine 20mg + Folic 5 mg

Doxylamine 20mg +Pyridoxine 20mg + Folic 5 mg

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Don't let the morning sickness spoil 

              the happiness of  motherhood

 Morsi tablet

Doxylamine 20mg + Pyyridoxine 20 mg + Folic 5 mg

Doxylamine :

  • Anti-nauseant & anti-emetic activity

 Pyyridoxine HCl:

  • Required for the balancing of hormonal changes in woman as well as assisting the immune system & growth of new cells

 Folic Acid :

  • Essential for the creation of the extra blood cells that body needs for pregency

Rx :

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Morning Sickness 

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