Dicyclomine 10 + Simethicone 40

Dicyclomine 10 + Simethicone 40

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Dicyclomine 10mg + Simethicone 40mg Susp

Relieves symptoms of infant colic & gas

Dicyclomine belongs to a Class of drugs known as aticholinergics/antispasmodics. This medication Works by Slowing the natural movements of the gut andby relaxingthe muscleSinthe Stomach and intestines.

Simethicone breaks down bubbles of gas in Stomach & duodenam Causing its expulsion by belching Orin the form Of flatus

Rx : • Gastric irritations • Colic pains due to diet problems

• Biliary colic pains • Colic pains in diarrhoea & dysentery

Restores smile of little ones